Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yaki Take Bokkusu (2010)

Completed a design/build project in 2010 for a client in Portland, OR who lives in a loft space and needed some more storage. I designed and built both built-ins from carmelized FSC certified bamboo panels. Taking a "figurative' cue from the burnt finishes (see shou-sugi-ban link) found on many traditional Japanese teahouses, I used sumi ink to rub into the pores of the bamboo (for the carcase) to simulate the charred appearance. There is a unique chatoyancy that occurs as a result of this finishing method. For a more modern twist, the bamboo doors and drawers received modified gray scale tones, which helped to integrate the built-ins with the existing furnishings. Each cabinet has a tall, skinny, wardrobe for off season apparel, and I incised 'pin-stripes with resin that was tinted slightly darker than the door color.

Spanning between the two built in cabinets is a 90" long sheet of hot rolled steel with holes punched out for cables.

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