Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Barn Stool

So a friend of mine built a barn over a year ago and I helped out through a couple different phases of the construction. The plans and expertise on the project were led by Bill Sturm of Oregon Timberworks. Bill and his crew are really great. My friends barn can be seen here in various phases:

After the barn was erected, my friend offered a bunch of the 'offcuts', or leftovers from the big, doug fir beams. I loaded up the pickup and have been waiting for some idea to strike, or an opportunity to arise to use them and just completed the first design using a leftover chunk of beam. It is a low stool that is really comfortable. I have had many people give it a test sit, from short to tall and in between and feel it is the ideal height now for just about most people. It was important to me to not lose the feel of a large chunk of wood, and this directed the design and shape. I will probably go for a linseed oil finish or a natural oil/wax finish that will enhance the wood grain instead of hide it. The steel rod legs will get an antique finish. I will update the results but for now, I give you the BARN STOOL...

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